Girl Interrupted 

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In this special edition of our Girl Interrupting series, Danessa Myricks leads a discussion with prominent artists from the world of fashion and beauty. Black women are some of the most prolific artists in today’s makeup industry. By sheer number, they are one of the most represented groups in our industry, however the number of black female artists represented in our agencies, unions and in editorial and executive positions does not reflect that. Black women often see their work co-opted, copied and colonized. They have watched their looks appropriated and their contributions underrepresented and underpaid.


Although some of the largest cosmetic launches in the industry have been helmed by black women and some of the top celebrities in the world of music, movies and television are black women, there has been an outcry that our industry does not properly address their needs with makeup or hair appropriately. In this powerful panel, we have assembled a group of talented artists to discuss not only representation and inclusion, but to
deliberate how we can bring systemic change to an industry that not only overlooks black women, it profits off of them. In this session, we will explore personal experiences, examine possibilities for pushing forward and gain an understanding of what we can do to be better allies.  We will listen to and amplify the voices of black artists who are already changing the game and want to bring opportunity to others.


Featured Panelists: Joy Fennell, Michela Wariebi, Delina Medhin, Renee Garnes & Hosted by Danessa Myricks

This webinar was filmed live on September 14th.

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