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Danessa Myricks Beauty is a global brand! We are so proud our brand resonates with so any incredible artist from all around world who are using it as a “must have” staple in their kits to support their unique style of artistry and service their clients. 

During the height of the Covid 19 Pandemic , in conjunction with the Support Creative initiative, Danessa Myricks Beauty hosted a full day of education to support artists who were greatly affected by the pandemic.

This amazing artist showed their love for the beauty community and for Danessa Myricks Beauty by offering a 90 min workshop outlining their signature techniques  hosted by Danessa Myricks herself.

I hope you are inspired by them as much as we were!


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Glowing Skin & Foxy Eye Makeup

Class will be hosted by Danessa Myricks.

This demo will show you how to achieve that fresh, polished, glowing  skin base, paired with the ultimate makeup trend, lifted foxy eye look. Ana will demonstrate how to create a flawless complexion with cream contour and highlight, as well as enhance the features for a glamorous look.

Instagram: @anacucuta

Instagram: @danessa_myricks

Class Duration & Type: 90 MIN. Previously Recorded

Ana Cucuta Bio:

Ana Cucuta is a professional makeup artist with over 10 years of 
experience in the Romanian makeup industry. Her experience developed into a vast portfolio in areas such as beauty makeup, celebrity makeup, fashion and creative photoshoots, music videos, as well as magazine covers. Ana’s artistic touch is based on creating the perfect canvas, flawless face and modern looks.

As every woman wants to feel her best and look impeccable, Ana creates for her clients her signature look expressed by fresh, flawless skin, yet modern and natural enhancements of their features. Her continuous education includes some of the highest regarded makeup academies, as well as learning from the most respected and acclaimed professionals in the industry. Her passion for drawing revealed a recent skill development - transformational makeup, based on body paintings and playing with shades and lights.

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 Disclaimer: These courses are full of demonstrations and techniques that Danessa Myricks has developed and throughout her career.  These digital workshops are designed to be a deep dive into Danessa’s personal style of makeup and the products she uses. These courses are not part of the US department of Education  & State Education Departments licensed course guidelines and are not intended for this purpose

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