Editorial Dimensional Skin For Deep Skin Tones

During a recent masterclass session in Rome, Italy , Danessa shared her techniques for masterfully designing makeup for women with deeper complexions with hundreds of makeup artist from around the word. Now, Danessa is making this valuable content available for everyone to enjoy!

When working with deeper skin tones, there are sometimes considerations that don’t exist or are less apparent with fairer skin. As makeup artists, it’s important for us to recognize these nuances and with this understanding change or adjust our strategy when  choosing our complexion tones  and when determining placement of these tones on our model or client face.

In this demonstration  we will address designing complexion with consideration to nuances  like natural hyperpigmentation, varying skin tones on the face and body and varying undertones in different portions of the face and body and will demonstrate how we can address them though our product selection

Throughout this demonstration, Danessa will walk you through her process for ensuring that the depth of the skin tone, the luminosity of the skin tone and the dimension in the skin tone are  preserved throughout the makeup application while addressing all of your clients’ specific needs



Disclaimer: These courses are full of demonstrations and techniques that Danessa Myricks has developed and throughout her career.  These digital workshops are designed to be a deep dive into Danessa’s personal style of makeup and the products she uses. These courses are not part of the US department of Education  & State Education Departments licensed course guidelines and are not intended for this purpose

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