The Ultimate Skin Designer


Successful Strategies for Designing Skin

One of the measures of  a successful makeup artist is an artist who plans, designs and approaches makeup with clear intention. It means understanding how to strategically design skin of all skin tones and types based on the end result you are looking for, understanding restraint, when less is more, and knowing when to push boundaries when needed for a specific effect.

 This Program will outline and demonstrate a selection of  my signature techniques in great detail with 9 comprehensive modules of step-by-step training.

As a makeup artist, photographer and cosmetic developer, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel all over the world and experience makeup from many perspectives. Through this journey, spanning over 2 decades I have learned 3 key things;

  • There are countless ways to approach skin
  • Agility and flexibility are key to be able to address the varying needs of both the model and the varying lighting environments for photography
  • Being strategic, working with deliberate intent in your work is the key to creating successful makeups

Throughout this program I will be introducing multiple strategies to approaching complexion and creating varying finishes to the skin.  I will outline my signature style and walk you through 6 detailed approaches to designing complexion from start to finish! Demonstrations are on both fair and deep skin tones as well as on normal and problematic skin

In addition to taking a deep dive into my philosophies about makeup and my strategic concepts that guide my every application, participants of this course will also learn;

  • Creating fresh beauty looks regardless of skin texture
  • Adding depth and warmth to all skin tones
  • Understanding how to assess the ideal coverage level
  • Creating the “No makeup” look
  • Multidimensional application of foundation, powder and highlighters
  • Natural, Full coverage matte skin
  • Natural, Full coverage glowing skin
  • Creating harmony and balance on the face
  • And so much more


Enjoy access to the program for 90 days!

  • Ask questions and get answers as you make your way through the program during a live Q&A session with Danessa ( Live sessions occur quarterly throughout the year)
  • Watch at your own pace from your computer at home or any electronic device


"Thank you so much for this step by step course. I really learnt so much. I couldn't play the last video, but nevertheless, I'm so appreciative." -- Ghada


Disclaimer: These courses are full of demonstrations and techniques that Danessa Myricks has developed and throughout her career.  These digital workshops are designed to be a deep dive into Danessa’s personal style of makeup and the products she uses. These courses are not part of the US department of Education  & State Education Departments licensed course guidelines and are not intended for this purpose

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